Ambulance Serviece

Our ambulance service is a crucial component of emergency medical services (EMS) designed to provide rapid and efficient pre-hospital care and transportation for individuals experiencing medical emergencies. The primary goal of our ambulance service is to respond to emergency calls, administer immediate medical care, and transport patients to healthcare facilities for further evaluation and treatment.

Ambulance services are equipped to respond quickly to emergency calls, which may include medical emergencies, accidents, injuries, or other urgent situations. Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) or paramedics on board are trained to assess and address a variety of medical conditions.

Why Health Soluction India ambulance Service ?

Health Soluction India ambulance Service the perfect and trustable all types of ambulance providers. Our ambulance service is managed by highly skilled and trained professionals. Our ambulance service is always count on high number due to it quality and affordability. As your need, we always reach on time because our vehicles with team of experienced doctors and paramedics are always kept in ready-to- move condition.

We will achieve our goals to save lives through effective leadership as well as the expertise of our people. We deliver exceptional ambulance services and our commitment and partnership with the community.

We will ensure ambulance services evolve to meet the changing needs of the community and will do this through innovation and team work. Our medical team are trained to provide care for adults, pediatric patients as well as cardiac care and ventilator dependent patients.

We are the best ambulance service provider with better medical assistance, On the aspect of quality, our all types of ambulances is always maintained at perfect norms and regulations. Our man aim is to save lives by helping people get an Ambulance at the shortest period time and at the reliable cost. With pritam ambulance you get to choose the type of the ambulance you want and the features that you need, our advanced algorithm that matches you exact requirement in the short possible time.

We are a well established private ambulance service and have earned respect from many hospitals and nursing homes throughout the India and our friendly and carling attitude and professional approach.

Health Soluction India Ambulance Service

  • Emergency Response
  • Medical Transportation
  • Dispatch Centers
  • Pre-Hospital Care
  • Communication Systems
  • Community Education
  • Regulation and Certification
  • Collaboration with Other Services

At Health Soluction India, we offer support to seniors with ambulatory, neurological, ageing related conditions and those who need assistance in daily activities, including the ones who are recuperating from an acute medical episode.

Instant Response

Road Safety is an important aspect when it comes to the safety of citizens whether it is motorist/pedestrians.

Emergency Cases

Timely medical intervention is the need of the hour and has a distinct role to play when it comes to road safety.


One good thing about such ICU Uttam Ambulance Service is to giving you the right treatment. That's where its' importance is highly realized in the market.

Pickup & Drop

We provide medically packed ambulances on both sides to pick up and drop patients 24×7 in case of emergency. We have professional pilots who are experienced in pickups and drop-offs. You can Call our patient transport services specialist or book online medical transportation. We will reach soon as possible.