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It gives me immense pleasure to invite and welcome you all to Natural Biswavidyalaya.

This university with a global perspective has been established.The University envisions becoming a highly respected global institute by imparting socially-relevant education and creating new knowledge through research and innovation for the benefit of industry and society as a whole. Right from inception, we have worked to make the campus vibrant with international collaborations and mentoring by national and international experts.

It is our firm belief that this University will be one of the leading universities in the eastern part of the country in the days to come. We need strong tie-ups with the industry and knowledge-sharing between the industry and the academia to make our students industry-ready.

We have to overcome many hurdles to achieve our goal and objectives. It is my firm belief that obstacles do not deter success, rather they enhance one’s possibilities to succeed. With whole-hearted support from everyone, I believe; this University will achieve its goal very soon and establish itself as one of the leading universities in the country.


From ancient Bharat to modern India, higher education has always occupied a place of prominence in Indian history. In ancient times, Nalanda, Taxila and Vikramsila universities were renowned seats of higher learning, attracting students not only from all over the country but from far off countries like Korea, China, Burma (now Myanmar), Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), Tibet and Nepal. Today, India manages one of the largest higher education systems in the world.

Our carefully chosen staff of nurses and medical professionals is highly-trained and compassionate towards providing you the best care.

The University focuses on comprehensive growth of the students, working on their hearts and minds by addressing to their academic, cultural, physical and social needs in an environment of continuous interaction and growth, conducive for the enrichment of mind and body. The faculty is fully committed to impart quality education by investing all its skills and knowledge. The University endeavours not only to produce excellent academic results but also to produce excellent and successful professionals.

Special emphasis is laid on communication skills and personality development. The uniqueness of our curriculum and various programmes, lies in promoting a strong passion in the students - for all round excellence with perfection; for meeting the challenges head on with due emphasis on ethical and moral values through broad -based management skills. The University produces knowledgeable young citizens capable of creating a better and prosperous India through inter-cultural understanding and respect.

Global Higher Education

Through our meaningful fundamental research across disciplines, we contribute to social and scientific inquiry in the manner most suited to serve the nation, while setting our benchmarks in line with the global best in the disciplines. Our research and teaching ecosystem derives its energies from due attention to foundational problems and modes of being in the natural and social worlds, from the balance between the aesthetic, the technological, and the socio-political. Together, these core values contribute to the formation of better values – human and cultural – among our stakeholders.

Healthcare is a right, not a privilege

Natural Biswavidyalaya is a private, non-profit research university that offers students a liberal education focused on interdisciplinary learning and research thinking. Our liberal arts education moulds independent thinkers and compassionate leaders who go on to engage innovatively with the complex challenges of our societies. As a research university, we are committed to the discovery of new ideas, and to the belief that good theory results in good practice. Our academic environment offers students, researchers and faculty the opportunity to participate in a unique learning process, mediated by fieldwork and projects that enable deep creative insight, rigorous analytical experimentation, and fulfilling careers. Natural Biswavidyalaya offer a world-class academic experience in one of India’s most vibrant and livable cities. With a centrally located campus and internationally renowned faculty, it offers one of the most stimulating academic environments in the country. As a comprehensive university, Natural Biswavidyalaya offers undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies in areas such as engineering, humanities, management, natural sciences, and social sciences.


  • Formulating the National Policy on Education and to ensure that it is implemented in letter and spirit
  • Planned development, including expanding access and improving quality of the educational institutions throughout the country, including in the regions where people do not have easy access to education.
  • Paying special attention to disadvantaged groups like the poor, females and the minorities
  • Provide financial help in the form of scholarships, loan subsidy, etc to deserving students from deprived sections of the society.
  • Encouraging international cooperation in the field of education, including working closely with the UNESCO and foreign governments as well as Universities, to enhance the educational opportunities in the country.

Professional Medical Service

Our Purpose

Natural Biswavidyalaya is dedicated to foster continuous progress of self and society. We are transforming higher education in India. Our graduates bear the capabilities, attitude and values to excel in whatever field they choose to pursue around the world.

  • To prepare leaders of outstanding character who will contribute significantly to their fields of study and practice
  • To build an evolving learning environment that is based on cross-disciplinary linkages between the arts, sciences, and professional disciplines, combined with rigour and reflection
  • To actively advance research and intellectual enterprise at the University and in the society
  • To promote independent mindedness and diversity across all dimensions of the University
  • To generate knowledge that provides a context of learning from and contribution to India and the world
  • To actively advance the social, economic, and ecological development of local, national, and international communities
  • To educate young people of India and the world to become contextually-literate global citizens
  • To catalyse students to mature into critical thinkers who are analytically equipped, practically oriented, and ethically driven

We recognise that social challenges and job opportunities are occurring at the intersection of various axes of influence, defined by disciplines (data, materials, biology, and behaviour), nature (air, water, forests, and land), sectors of impact (health, transport, energy, and education) and society (individual and community). Accordingly, Ahmedabad University strives to guide students on how to learn through interdisciplinary academics and real-life experiences that traverse these intersections. Research programmes at the University also embody this integrative philosophy.