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Natural Mahavidyalaya aims to provide the best education possible to students who come from diverse backgrounds. We seek to provide an environment of learning which is beyond the boundaries of class, caste, religion and gender. Students in collaboration with faculty and staff are made aware and sensitive of their moral responsibilities and social issues. Mahavidylaya intends to provide a platform where, during the most formative years of their lives, students may learn to explore, argue and assess all social, economic, cultural and environmental issues before them. Our Mahavidyalaya endeavors to produce skilled individuals capable of making the world around them a better place to live in.

About The College

Education is a life-long process. From cradle to grave – and so begins when we are born and embark on the adventure we are well programmed to pursue learning. Illumination of our mind is only possible through the light of education. A man of wisdom and knowledge is always being placed high in the society Learning is something which is not bound by time, place or age. If a person intends to learn then every moment is A learning Opportunity. Education refers to the discipline that is concerned with methods of teaching and learning in schools like environment. The course not only teaches one to inculcate good teaching skills but also how to work in the administrative aspects of an education system.
Department of Education comprises of seven competent faculty members. It offers both undergraduate honours and program courses in education. The college education has been taught as a general course and from 2009, honors course in education has been started. Total strength of students in each semester is sixty. Our student’s are pursuing their post graduation in various state and central universities.

The course provides widespread knowledge and opportunities for the capacity building for future teachers. It lay emphasis on Educational Philosophy, Sociological Foundation of Education, Advance Educational Psychology, Educational Planning and Administration, Value Education, Research Methodology, Guidance and counseling. These help the students to gain practical knowledge and practical experience along with their Physical, Mental, Social, Emotional development. Also this subject paves way for the students to move ahead in future life.

Principal's Desk

Welcome to the website of Natural Mahavidyalaya. It gives me great pleasure to present our college website. I am sure that this website will be of immense value and importance to all who are associated and interested in educational activities. All efforts would be made by us to update academic and other relevant information from time to time and also to develop the website for the continuous benefit of all concerned We've redesigned this site in a new way to introduce you to the College and to the plethora of services that we provide for our students.

Web site is a gateway to many academic and administrative programs the college offers at the undergraduate level, ranging from arts and science to commerce.



Right now the College is offering Undergraduate Honours programs in literature based subjects like Bengali, English and Sanskrit; in the social sciences like History, Geography, Political Science, Philosophy and Economics; in Formal Sciences and in Natural Sciences such as Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Moreover, General Undergraduate Courses are in vogue where B.A, B.Com, B.Sc. in Pure Science and Bio Sciences are provided.